Math 3 - The 3rd High School Math CourseInstructor: Todd Abel

Standards Documents

NCSCOS K-12 Standards:
NC Math III Unpacking Documents:

Helpful Websites

Illustrative Mathematics (Tasks that illustrate each of the standards
MathTwitterBlogosphere (Blogs from teachers who share tasks and the results)
Desmos (Great online calculator)
Geogebra (Online graphing, dynamic geometry, spreadsheets, CAS, and more!) (North Carolina Early Math Placement Test website)

Day 1 Materials

Personality Coordinates (introduction activity):
Slides for Day 1 (.pptx format):
Slides for Day 1 (.pdf format):
At the Concert task for introducing parabolas:
Jumping Rope task for modeling with parabolas:

Desmos page for jump rope task

Desmos page for finding a parabola given focus and directrix

Day 2 Materials

Slides for Day 2 (.pptx format):
Slides for Day 2 (.pdf format):

Desmos page for roots of a quadratic

Day 3 Materials

Slides for Day 3 (.pptx format):

Slides for Day 3 (.pdf format):
Dilating A Line task for introducing similarity and investigating geometric theorems:
Are They Similar? task for investigating similar triangles:

Desmos page for Sine Curve from Unit Circle

Desmos page for Tangent Graph from Unit Circle

Day 4 Materials

Slides for Day 4 (.pptx format):
Slides for Day 4 (.pdf format):
Hold My Calls activity:
Hold My Calls handout:

Reaction Time Test

AMS StEW: AMS Statistics Education Web - resource will lots of statistical activities aligned with the GAISE report.

GAISE Report

Day 5 Materials

Slides for Day 5 (.pptx format)
Slides for Day 5 (.pdf format)

Iredell-Statesville Schools Math III Pacing Guide

Winston-Salem/Forsythe County Scope & Sequence Math III Pacing Guide
Activity for exploring sample standard deviation vs population standard deviation:
Data for standard deviation exploration: